Met My Share of Crab-Bags

Let’s do something pointlessly dramatic for a moment.

i am so numb


Freakin’ little kids and your moaning, why won’t you ever stop? You don’t even have anything specific to moan about. Sure, you witty ones will respond to me with, “bUt lYnK!!!LOLZRAFLMAOTNT, u R mOaNiN aBt Mi MoAnIn!!!!11111one” I have met more cries for group therapy than I have met humans.

Speaking of meetings, graced a house party with my presence last night, times two, and with my accordion. Of course, for some time, I was worshiped as a God, listening to the prays and sub-par exclamations of my followers. It wasn’t long before things got out of hand and much too noisy and crowded, with very little to do besides act like animals. Fortunately, my party planned on leaving when that stage passed it’s “No turning back” level.

At least now, there is no doubt in my mind that I could have possibly been missing out on anything all these years by not going to house parties in the first place. Unless of course I have ever gotten a strange and tingling need to watch lumbering stone-faced guys and vacant headed dumb girls try and hold meatless conversations.

I haven’t had a computer for the better part of two weeks. The Motherboard and Power supply blew out, and I had to switch over from Athlon to Pentium. This of course, is not welcomed by Windows XP. I cannot keep my system stable enough to even backup files without going into Safe Mode first. Even then, it’s rough. I tried to get the OS Repair to fix the problem, but it wouldn’t. This means I’ll be spending the weekend reformatting, restoring, and reinstalling all of my software. Not counting games, that’s around 40 CD’s worth of stuff, and all the patches and updates and so forth are going to keep me busy for a few days. At least I will have a clean system that should last me the rest of the semester. After that, I’m ordering my Alienware. Four and a half grand seems like nothing compared to what I’ve spent keeping Lucky healthy.



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