The opinions on this personal blog are, in fact, personal opinions.

I’m not responsible for the awesomeness that is me. Except that I am. In every single way.

We take everything very seriously here at my name is Lynk. It is strongly felt that I should inform you, the reader, which for this document’s purpose will hereby be referred to as Monkeypuffs, that this Internet publication that you feast and nurture your eyes upon is an embodiment of my own personal opinions, which I like to refer to as cold, hard, facts. It is up to Monkeypuffs’ discretion whether or not to read and/or agree to these opinions (noble truths) and thus up to my discretion to write whatever I please without it hurting any Monkeypuff feelings, if in the rare case a Monkeypuff were to actually exhibit feelings, which is not likely. In no way are the views or opinions (righteous laws of time) displayed on this (awesome) site associated with those of my web host, my employer, my grandmother, my dentist, my lawyers, my other girlfriend/Vegas wife, Republicans, the United States of America, humanity, or the balding guy across the street who doesn’t get his National Geographic out of his mailbox in time. If I say something you don’t like, there are only two people responsible for it; myself and God. And God is pointing nonchalantly at Zeus. Someone’s jealous. In other words, if you don’t like something, blame me. No, first look up to the sky and chant your blame loudly to the first deity that listens. If you don’t feel better, I’m here for you man. Come on, let’s hug.

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