Ton of Bing Ham Fun

Lindsey and I journeyed to the center of Binghamton and back yesterday. We did so much, I cannot begin to manifest it. We went to the Ross Park Zoo, and watched the Llama’s spit at each other like high schoolers having a fight at a semi-formal, we went to the Oakdale Mall and got my DS upgraded to a Lite, and I got this flippin’ sweet metal case for it. Linzzy got a stuffed chipmunk that tried to claw out my eyes to bear it’s children in my skull, we went to a tea house and had bubble tea with milk which is officially regarded as the greatest beverage ever, and we went to the giant Barnes and Nobles for a while and had an amazing time looking at art books, we ate at IHOP and Taco Bell, in which the later my lovely girlfriend frightened off a dumb bitch because she was looking at us like a stuck-up starving anorexic ballet girl, and we went to Lindsey’s old campus, which is shaped like a hemorrhaging brain full of too many stupid neurons, and we got lost on the drive home, unable to leave the tri-cities area for over an hour and a half.


Yeah, look at that, n00bs. I can write a rushed, impetuous live journal entry just like the rest of you! I had so much fun this weekend. Lindsey is the most amazing girlfriend in the world! There’s not a moment that I’m with here where I am not happy, even when I feel like I’m about to die because of the amalgamation of foodstuffs in the broiler room of my stomach. Plus, she totally doesn’t mind my video game addiction. I’m the luckiest guy alive!

The death glare is my superpower! No one messes with us!

I need some spitting llamas as friends! And some lion tamarins!



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