Another Curtain Drawn Shut

This has been one heck of a weekend. It all started Friday, as I mentioned, taking my wonderful girlfriend out for dinner. We went to a Chinese buffet, and it was so delicious, yet I can’t help but wonder if something I had there did not agree with me. That morning I wasn’t feeling all that great. It’s a condition I deal with quite frequently. I’m beginning to notice it has a little bit to do with nerves. It hardly has to do with anything more than the internal clockwork inside my brain that drives me to stress out over little things. Quite possibly though, an agitation from certain foods could aid in my downfall. Saturday she drove to Norwich to come see “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” I had been sick all morning with an upset stomach. I ended up being a little late, but still got into my makeup and did the sound check with plenty of time. I don’t need more than a few minutes to prepare, being a seasoned veteran of the stage and all. It was rough. I felt awful. The show went very well, miraculously, I forgot all about my ailments while on stage. It was a small crowd; a little over sixty people. Lindsey right there in the front row, which made me swell with energy.
After the show, I was starting to feel ill again, but tried to take in some nutrients at the BK lounge. We only had two hours before I had to be back, so Lindsey chilled out and played Nintendo DS while I spent some time dying. The Saturday night show had many more people, and Mike and Jennn were able to make it. Lindsey dressed up and worked as an usher, looking beautiful and professional. We had much more energy, and I was feeling much better.
Mike, Jennn, Lindsey and I then went back to my house to have some Birthday cake, and before long, it was bedtime. Little did I know what I was going to deal with in the morning.
I had a bad case of Zombie. I was congested, tired, nauseated, and had a popular dysfunction which Lindsey likes to call “anal volcano.” I felt so bad, because I wanted to just give her an awesome birthday weekend. I had big plans. A bonfire, ice cream, s’mores, a walk through Colorscape; Lindsey deserved a weekend where great things didn’t stop happening, while still being laid back and chill. While she seemed to have a good weekend, I still wish I had been in a better form to go that extra mile. I guess I used what little energy I had on the stage. She was awesome through it all. I’m so thankful for her; she was very caring and supportive and constantly kept me going. When I was on stage, uncertain if I would be able to keep going, I’d remember that she (and Mike… and Jennn) were down in the audience. I can’t even begin to explain how much I appreciate and adore her.
The show went very well. Certainly, we didn’t attract the audience we thought we would, but you can’t expect to catch butterflies in Antarctica. The people who did show up (and stay throughout the entire show) were amazing, and brought in a lot of energy, and left very pleased. We made a lot of money off just selling raffle tickets for six acrylic paintings of the Peanut’s gang I did. Some people also offered us straight donations. This is why I love the stage. For those of you who missed the show, I pity you, for how your life must suck so badly. You unsupportive bastards.
It was a great weekend, but I am exhausted and still very ill. Lindsey and I both seemed to develop the common cold at the same time. We are both still pretty busy; her with classes, and me with two more weeks of Slave A Lot left. I have a day off to recuperate, hopefully more.

One more time, I want to thank the few of you who went to see the show. Your support was greatly appreciated. Lindsey, I hope you feel better soon! I hope despite the antagonizing circumstances, you had a great birthday weekend. I really miss you when you aren’t around.

I miss my Nintendo DS, but only because my girlfriend is attached to it!



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