Moment of Zen – Not My Boba Fett

This was a Moment of Zen from late January, so you’ll have to trust that when I shared it with work, it was much more timely.

Disney really played us for fools with the new Boba Fett…

Photo: Lucasfilm / Disney

Sure, Temuera Morrison looks like a hardened bounty hunter who could survive a thousand years in a Sarlacc Pit…

But the original was way, way better.

Photo: Lucasfilm

My Boba Fett will always be a tired dad who puts smugglers in carbonite and sleeps with hot Twi’leks by night, but by day he is an accountant at H&R Block. He drives a Honda Fit with the license plate B0BA F3TT, but he’s saving up for Fett’s ‘Vette.



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