What Has Happened?

The God Quad.  Jesus-Lambtouching-Dammit, I miss those days.  Things have changed a lot since then.  Pictures no longer accurately represent the figures in them.  It sounds like the Quad doesn’t even keep in touch, all besides Mike and I.  Rybo is off in the real world fending for his own.  We all knew he’d be the first to get out there.  Jones is… a 24/7 Pirate, drinking rum and feeding the terminally ill cafeteria food.  I suppose we all expected this too.

I miss those kids, I miss that quad.  Those bastards in Sherman 322 better be enjoying their right to live in there.  They don’t even know the honor they hold!

Change isn’t all that bad.  I mean, as I’ve mentioned several times, I have an amazing girlfriend now.  She is my muse.  I never expected to find someone as incredible as her, and miraculously, through some twist of fate which science cannot seem to uncover, I seem to amaze her too.  She kicks my ass hardcore at Tetris DS, by the way.

Finally, I am back to working on my art.  It took a while to get back into it.  Anyways, thanks for listening, reader.  I’m done with you now.



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