Morrowind Log 01

I do not remember much. In fact, I do not remember anything before getting thrown into the belly of this ship. I was a prisoner. A captive. The ironclad guards made that evident. After days of being on the sea, starved and seasick, we arrived to our destination. Or should I say, my destination. A pale, blue skinned man with a scar over his face helped me gain my composure as we pulled into dock. He was friendly, yet direct. He asked me my name. That was the only question I had an answer to. Lynk.

The Dark Elf, as I heard him be called by the guard, told me we reached Morrowind, and that we were to be let go. When the guard came in, I was the only one removed from the small cargo room. My strange looking friend, Jiub, the Dark Elf, was left behind.

As the Guard shoved me up on deck, I was blinded by sunlight. I cannot remember ever seeing it before. I knew what it was, but never recall seeing it with my own eyes. It shone through the large canvas sails of the ship. The sky was clear, and beyond the dock was a small looking town. I could see a few people moving about as I was led down the dock into the census office.
A crotchety old man began asking me questions. This time, they were the ones I could not answer. Where I was from, what is my birthright, and the sign I was born under, were merely guessed at. He gave me some papers and sent me on my way. Am I still a prisoner?

The next man I was sent to was dressed more boldly than anyone I have ever met. He took the papers, stamped them, filed them, and handed me a sealed package with instructions. He told me I had duties to take the package to Balmora. When I looked confused, he explained I was in a port village called Seyda Neen, on the large island of Vvardenfell, which is the majority of Morrowind. As he yammered on with words I didn’t know about things I didn’t care about, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I ignored everything that I was supposed to do. Evidently, the Emperor wanted me to perform this task. Who’s the Emperor? Beats me. I didn’t vote for him. As I left the office complex, I picked up a few things. I found a lockpick on a table, which I used to open a chest, containing some gold coins, which I assumed was the currency around these parts, and a small engraved ring. It was sort of ugly, the kind that you might find an idiot gangster wearing. I also grabbed a fancy looking silver staff. It might make me look fancy!
I stepped out of the office, and immediately bumped into a small, sprightly little man. He said his name was Fargoth. I would have laughed, but he smelled pretty bad. He complained he lost his ring. He described the ring I had found. I gave it to him, hoping he would never talk to me again. Instead, he announced to everyone I was his best friend, and ran off to put in a good word for me at the local trader. I cringed, as I figured that would be my next stop, as my clothing had the distinct look of rags used to wipe up vomit.As I walked the dirt path through the center of the tiny village, the people meandering aimlessly gave me dirty looks. Some were dirtier than others. I stepped inside the trader’s pub and walked up to the guy behind the counter. He turned around. He was a gold-skinned, tall, pointy-eared man. He had a friendly disposition towards me. Of course he did. I pawned off my dilapidated clothing and traded them in for a nice new robe. Upstairs around the bar table were a few rough looking men, mocking me. I tried speaking to one. He didn’t treat me very well, but insisted he would get me a share of gold if I find Fargoth’s hiding place. It seems Fargoth has been hiding some of his loot from the taxman. Sure. I don’t like Fargoth. I’ll wait until dark, and keep an eye on the lad.

A man outside… I cannot remember his name, but upon hearing it I would not know what gender it belongs to. He offered me his home for a handful of coins, so that he could get away from Morrowind. Suddenly, my whole act of being trapped here was looking much better. Nonetheless, I needed a place to sleep, and he left quite a bit of stuff, including some books, so I took the offer. I spent the rest of the day reading up on the history of Morrowind. I learned absolutely nothing.

For dinner, I took my big silver stick out and punctured a giant mud crab in the face, and ate some of his tasty innards. I knew my stick would come in handy.
That night, I snuck over to the lighthouse, and waited at the top, watching Fargoth intently. He crept over into a marsh and started ramming stuff into a hollowed out log. Good gOD Fargoth, you are an idiot. I looted everything from within the log, and handed about half of it to the tough guy at the bar. He must live there. Speaking of living conditions, I took to notice that there was not a single bathroom or washroom anywhere in town. I bathed in a small bay when nobody was around, and strangly enough, had no urge whatsoever to poop. Maybe tomorrow.



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