This summer has been bunk. I have been home for almost a month, and all except for the Star Wars Party that I had with the amazing God Quad nearly one month ago, I have not been able to hang out with anybody with the exception of co-workers at work. Thriller, eh? I have tried to make plans, but everyone else either suddenly disappears from the face of the Earth, or decides that their secret agenda’s are better. For those of you locals of Norwich who happen to be reading this, I suggest you make some sort of arrangement to contact me in one way or another, because I just reinstalled The Elder Scrolls III; Morrowind. For those of you who are not in the know, this game consumed nearly two years of my life. If you would like to be excluded from my life so that I may romp around killing Cliff Racers, stealing from Smugglers, and all around conquer everything from Vivec to Caldera, be my guest. If you want to hang out, I suggest you make contact with me before I get too far beyond Balmora. Once my Questbook starts to fill up, I see less and less daytime, and more and more polygons.

I hope you can all establish that this is a good time to intervene before I have a full relapse and start speaking like a Dark Elf again.



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