Accordion to Me

Things are slowly starting to wrap up this semester. I have a two classes that are for the most part completed, leaving only three left. I hope to be spending more time relaxing and having a little fun over the next few weeks. For all you Oneontians out there, that means more Accordion time. If you see me, don’t be afraid to break yourself away from your obviously important job of walking back from class, and gather around to enjoy the day and enjoy the music. I know that sometimes you like to sing with me. That is so much fun! People love coming up to me and singing songs like, “Hey, shut the hell up,” and “Oh my gawd, are you serious?” and my personal favorite, “…(walk by faster).” I really hope we can all continue to have this much fun for the rest of the semester!

In other news, the God Quad had a home video leaked on public access television here in Oneonta. Did everyone enjoy it? It would be ashame if you all missed the big debut of “Diaper Twister.”



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