It has Een-bay a Hile-way

Lynk’s approaching finals week allergies are hitting their targets pretty hard, and the lack of good sleep certainly is not keeping shields at full. I don’t have much to complain about now, seeing as I just finished my Animation project tonight, concluding all of my “finals.” I don’t actually have any final tests this semester. They were all in the form of final projects. The 90 page screenplay, the 3D Animation project, the God Quad Documentary, and the 20 photographs for the art show, are all completed and handed in. Lynk can now get some rest.

The next few days will be spent curing myself of these blasted allergies, and playing Guild Wars. I honestly thought about socializing, but every time I try that, things just start to go all to bunk. I actually went to the bars for the first time, except for that gig I had at Smokey Joe’s. My five-bar tour was over a week ago, after seeing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I recommend you don’t go to bars, but instead, see the movie. Douglass Adams would be proud. As for the bar scene, I can confidently tell you that going to an Oneonta bar is only fun for those who need to re-evaluate their entire existence. What are you morons thinking? I mean, sure, get offended if you want, but unless you are going just to listen to the screamed incoherences of drunken, slutted-up girls, you really won’t make any progress.

Speaking of progress, I just sniffed a yogurt drink that’s been opened in my fridge for weeks now, and I need to go to bed.



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