Manly Man

Yesterday, everyone in this building received a voice mail stating that we would have no hot water today. Always up for a challenge, I decided to take a shower anyways. As I turned on the water, I realized not only was it cold, but it was ice cold. The sort of cold that burns. I shrugged it off, and got in the shower. Being forced to dance as the only way to keep my blood flowing, I managed to cleanse myself. It took 47 minutes of constant dancing and rinsing, but I finally proved to the world that I am the greatest man to ever walk it. Better than Jesus by far. I bet he didn’t take any cold showers. Spoiled little brat…

I may be faced with hypothermia, my skin may be red and chapped, and I might not be able to wiggle my toes, but I am now officially the most manly man in the world.



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