And you know it!

I needn’t tell you that I am home now. You should already be aware of this. You may be noticing that a handful of my latest entries have been quite positive. This… is unusual? What are you talking about? My entries are always happy and bouncy and energetic and yipping themselves through picket fences! All right, so Lynk has been in a good mood lately. Yes, even with Steve’s efforts to ruin my life, which by the way, we have cleared up now, I am, how should I say? Walking on air.
Not without considering the fact that I am home, I am swamped with more work than a festering array of dust, and I need to reformat my system drive tomorrow morning, I am all alight with glee, mirth and solace.
What could have possibly done this to our poor unsuspecting little cynic? Is it the excitement of performing next month with a fresh and newly created band? Perhaps it’s Rosemary the switchboard operator? No… Maybe the Guild Wars Beta event a week ago has spawned some major joyous significance to increase Lynk’s happiness levels? Eh… Could be.
What’s done it doesn’t really matter. Those of you who should know do know, and that’s what is important. I decided yesterday that I am one delighted little son of a gun, and I have very good reasons. It’s not very often that it’s an actual human being who is NOT a figment of my imagination to bring me such jubilance. Let me just get to the point right now. Lynk has defiantly leveled up.
The following stats have been increased.

· Health gain +3
· Fatigue gain +3
· Lynk has learned a new skill: Panegyrize
· Confidence increase +2
· 9 Personality attribute points gained!
· New Inventory Items added!

I am happy, and I am glad that this happiness is mutual. Things are always better that way. So let the fanfare roar on! The bouncy happy theme will continue to echo across the land, hopefully, for a very long time! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

EDIT: Indeed, I am just ducky



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