Wish List

Well, I’m bored.
So, what’s up everyone?
Awww, you want more comic strips?

Well, I want upgrades to Jasc Paintshop Pro 9 and Corel Painter 9.  Oh, and eventually, Photoshop CS and Maya 6 would be nice.  While we are at it, I really could use some more ram.  That means I’d probably need a new motherboard.  I can’t get a new motherboard without a new processor, right?  I mean, that would just be crude of me.

While we are at it, I really could use a nice, sleek, shiny Alienware ALX system.  Water cooling, dual processors, dual video cards, and all the delicious little trimmings.  Of course, with my order, I’d also get a side of Digital SRL Camera and 60 Gig Creative Zen.  A dual LCD screen setup would be nice too, or maybe even a quad setup, but only the most high quality LCD screens, or else I’ll have to settle for CRT.

Eventually I am going to need a car, nothing too fancy, as long as it has that new car smell…and an MP3 CD player.

I have an idea.  Help me help you help me!  I’ll start auctioning off my drawings on Ebay, and you can bid on them and purchase them and give them to your children when they want things!  It’s a win win situation!  Tell me what you think!



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