Captain’s Log; Supplemental:

I have engaged to navigation point one and have docked for some debriefing for a few cycles.  My usually assigned sector is inaccessible for the next week, so a rendezvous with the home base is my only available option.  My crewmen have also taken a leave of absence for the week, each one with a different reason for departure.

            I regret to log that I am quite uncomfortable with this alteration in the mission, not to mention the accommodations here are somewhat a bit of a lack.  I shall file a complaint with Command as soon as I get back to my research center.  If I may be so bold as to say so, I wish I did not have to change my course in the first place.  Things were going quite well at the research center, and I hope this interruption does not affect the positive climb of my work there.

            I cannot wait to deploy next week and get back to my work and studies.  I miss my crew already, and am looking forward to being reunited with all of my acquaintances.  Command has been regulating very strict laws for many years now, some of which really put the limits on even the highest-ranking captains.  The associates whom I used to know and do business with here are no longer accepting of my higher rank, and tend to ignore me all together.  No matter.  If anything, this is valuable time to recollect my thoughts and stock up on more rations.  This is Captain Lynk, logging off.



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