Let’s be Civil, people.

A lot has been going on lately, stuff on the tv seems to think two guys in suits should be the most important topic, but I beg to differ.  The word republican reminds me of stale cake, and the word democrat makes me think about vomiting Indian head-dresses.  My vote would not have helped anybody, as Kerry got NY anyways, which was all my vote really could have affected.  Besides, the only reason most people voted for Kerry was because he is not Bush, which is a stupid way to see things.  Would you vote for Hitler just because he’s not Bush?  That would tickle your jabberwock, wouldn’t it?

Don’t go crying because the president you wanted did not get elected.  Maybe some people were sick and tired of your sobbing over the last president that got voted for.  You can moan about being a democracy, because a Monarchy is always better, right?  The sad hippies of America need to settle down, stop worrying so much, and wipe their smutty opinion off their face.  I’d expect more, but I don’t know why.  Bush won, perhaps due to unfair play, who knows, and who cares?  You will complain nonetheless.  If Kerry won, you would still find something to be unhappy about.  After all, it’s the American way to never be happy with America.  You might as well get used to it, because odds are, you wouldn’t be able to survive without your Hot Topics and your crappy Indie Rock.

Alas, since the topic of elections is over and nobody frankly gives a hoot, let’s get on to the important part of this discussion.

Doom 3 is an amazingly effective game.  Goodbye.

Send me hate mail, just try and make sure that it makes sense.

ummm… now, when you said “crappy Indie Rock”, I sincerely hope you were, in fact, referring specifically to “crappy Indie Rock.” I only mention this, because I have a lot of Indie Rock on my computer, and I would like to think that the majority of it does not fall into the “crappy Indie Rock” category.
~Mister Jones

i love john kerry. i’m gonna start a john kerry fan club so you know how sincere i am.
he’s a sexy, sexy man.




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