An Oh-my-Quad Opportunity of a Lifetime

Can you identify a great deal when you see one?  Are you known for your amazingly calibrated deduction skills?  Are you a rarity in that you can both reason and be beautiful?  Well, here’s your chance to shine!

I’m offering anybody a chance to prove that they have good taste!  You get fame, publication, bragging rights, and you get to prove your admiration for me.  What more could anyone possibly want?

You might be thinking, what’s the catch?  What do I have to do for all this great stuff?

It’s so simple.  All you got to do is make a sign, out of anything.  In fact, you get bonus points for being creative.  Paper is fine, but you can use the bottom of your Super Nintendo if you’d like.  In fact, the later is a sure fire way to win.  Once you have established your sign material, you need to write on it.  This is where it gets tricky.  You need to show your dedication and fan-liness to me and my journal.  For instance, writing, “I love Lynk” is a great start.  Decorate your signs, keep it short and sweet, but get the point across.  Go ahead, try and flatter me.

Now that you’ve made your sign, I want you to take a picture of yourself holding the sign, again, be creative if you so wish.  Then, send me the picture.  Include your first name, and your live journal or website if you wish.  To send it to me.  If possible, save your picture as a Jpeg, but if you don’t know how to, don’t worry about it…  I can’t believe I’m being so fair.

I won’t just put up every picture I get.  This is a contest.  You have to earn it.  You can submit as many pictures as you want though!  I will base them on creativity, or if you promote me as a god-like figure, you’ll probably have a good chance.  I have included a few examples that I have Photoshopped this afternoon.



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