Afraid of the Dark

It’s Tuesday, the time is 2am, and just because I think you are all very special indeed, I have decided to give you your fix right now. I enjoyed making this one, and you should enjoy viewing it.

Over thanksgiving break, if you’ve been keeping up, I played nothing but Metroid Prime 2; Echoes, on the Nintendo Gamecube. Master Chief can just go cry his way home, because Samus will own him any day of the week. Metroid Prime 2 has been an excellent game thus far, even better than the first Prime, and it will forever hold a special place on my memory card.
The comic strip that follows needs a little background knowledge of Metroid Prime 2, so go out and take $50 out of your inventory to the local pawn and get yourself some pure Samus Aran ecstasy. Oh, and it has a cameo of yours truly!

lol 🙂

Why is darkness your weakness, Son. I don’t get it…

It is so sad to see such ignorant people in the world. May the Light of Aether shine upon you while I play the game you weren’t bright enough to take with you.
-Little Lynk
AKA Randy

By the way, it’s “Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.” Note the colon, not the semi-colon. Also, I’m not certain but the names of games might require italics or something.
– Lynk2p (I’m thinking this is more appropriate)
AKA Randy



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