Upwards Rising Snow?

            My goodness (in all of it’s plentiful bulk), it has been a while since my last post.  It has been a pretty busy week for me.  With flocks of papers to write and hand in, art projects to rush, and my massive 3D Modeling assignment, I’ve been missing out on some free time.  Things should settle down shortly.

            I’ve also noticed that I prefer to post when I am being annoyed.  Don’t fret, I am still being annoyed by the sludge of the world, but now there are other things that are making my life a little bit better.

            I did not get into the Internship.  I don’t mind, since I will have some great classes next semester instead.  The company simply could not accept everyone who sent in submissions, only about half a dozen were selected.

            The good news is that it is snowing, gradually, the semester is almost over, and I have been spending a lot of time talking to a couple new/reintroduced friends.  Life has been decent.  I even got two messages from complete strangers today on The Face Book thanking me for playing my accordion out the window.  It’s the kind of love that a member of the Punk scene will never get.

            I am going to Florida with my family over Christmas break; I’ll be gone for the entire second half of December.  I’ll either submit several comics before I go, or I’ll make it all up to you when I get back.  Expect one this Tuesday for sure.




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