Dorm Sweet Dorm

            If you listen, you can hear the world’s largest sigh of relief.  That would be me.  It’s good to be back home in the Quad.  A mere dorm room to some, this is my fortress.  This is my comfort zone.  From my bed, my chair, my setup, with little to distract me from my studies, my work, my art.  It is clean.  Maybe not in accordance to my psycho mother, but the air is clean and full of freshness, I know where everything is, and everything is cool and breezy.

            I have purpose here.  Certainly, there are some very ignorant people here; in fact, according to the posters outside, 24% of Oneonta students are stupid.  I’m in a good mood, and I can’t quite agree with that, it’s more around 71%.  Nonetheless, which indeed is one word, I enjoy it here.  Despite the immature punk scene, and the ridiculous use of drugs, and most common of all, the disgusting amount of drinking done on this campus, it is a nice place.

            Sure, everyone listens to boring, lack-luster music, enjoys partaking in useless underground social activities, and has a hard time speaking properly most of the time, oh, and the skank-o-meter is off the chart for most, still, I relish at the fact that I am here.

And sometimes mayonnaise.

Glad you appreciate your home. I don’t think it’s so great. But I’m glad you are happy to be back. Yeah, the drinking scene is so old. It’s gotta stop. I love you. I’m listening to Christmas music. Sigh.



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