This would not be the first live journal entry ever that starts with “Some people are so stupid,” so I won’t even bother pointing out the obvious.

This happened the other day, in my Communications class. Mr. Jones is in that class with me. We have a test coming up next week, and the professor’s tests are usually not easy, since he likes to trick you by setting all four multiple choice answers as the same answer, leaving it a simple gamble as to which right answer will earn you a point. The highest grade in the class for the last test was a C- and I figured the class would like a cheat sheet.

I raised this to attention, asking the professor if perhaps he could allow it. He started to talk to us about his Asian traditions, and how he doesn’t think it’s right if he were to work harder to help us on the test. I scratched my chin on the subject, and nodded, because that made perfect sense. I mean, by cheat sheet, I definitely meant “have the teacher work harder on doing his job.” I spoke up again, and explained that a cheat sheet involves the student studying, and then jotting whatever he or she wants on a predetermined size of paper or index card, and then bringing it to class on the test. That way, we do actually prove that we’ve paid attention in class, and he won’t get fired because all his students couldn’t pass his idiotically phrased tests.

In the middle of my discussion about the basic fundaments of cheat sheets, an eager-to-press-her-opinion Long Islander decided to voice in. “No, no no, that’s now how they are done! I think that’s a bad idea!” Then she shut up. I’m sure she actually did keep talking, but the words only came out as dead hookers and bloody hairless kittens.

It’s nice to know that an entire classroom of college students cannot even argue towards an agreement that makes an upcoming test easier. Are they so stupid they can’t even figure out how to be lazy? Perhaps the entire class felt they needed to be challenged. Maybe that is why they took the Intro to Communications class in the first place; they cannot figure out how to transmit their ideas and in fact usually convey them backwards. If you were to drop one into a vat of boiling mashed potatoes, they would scream and request that someone comb their hair.

I was denied my cheat sheet request by not just the teacher, but by the class. Can’t we have regulations against these sort of people, so they don’t procreate?



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