Electronic Maze

This is great.  I could not stop talking about my wonderful, life-altering experience last night.  If you can’t remember, take a look at the previous post.

Let me suggest to you that my time of felicity has ended.  My computer decided to disgorge all over itself.  It seems like it has a power failure.  Perhaps it’s only an internal connection problem that I’m not seeing, a faulty cable, a power supply burnout, or I need a new motherboard/processor.  Whatever the case, this had better get rid of the rattle it has when I start it up.

Now, I consider myself very computer literate.  I can design them, I can get around in any Windows or Mac OS, I can fix them, I can maintain them, I know how to get them to do what I want, and I usually want a lot out of them.  Come on, half of my major is Art, do we remember the other half?

Lucky, which is the name of my computer, has gone through many evolutions.  She’s been upgraded so much, her only original components are her sound card and network card.  That network card sure has done me well.

So I am without my girl Lucky for a few days, since she’s going home and getting fixed.  I pray to every imaginary floating guy from all the major religions that it’s not a problem with my C: drive, because it’s been several weeks since I’ve backed that one up…

If I lose a few weeks worth of data, I will punish you all with rants about how Lucky is a Lemon, and that I need a new computer.

Anyways, so I’m sitting here at work, in the Computer Art Lab.  There is a couple in here, watching Infomercials and touching each other.  I really could kick them out if I wanted.  They are playing music and discommoding me.  Who do they think they are?  Sitting in here, being annoying, and not even realizing how I have power over them…  I think it’s time to ask them to leave.

They did not know that the lab doesn’t actually close at 11:15pm.  Joke is on them.  I feel good now.  Man, if I need to replace one more harddrive in Lucky, I am going to scrap her into a render farm.  I really need a new PC.  Unfortunately, that’s seven grand that I don’t have.  I can see you all saying to yourself, “BuT lYnK!!!!1111  A cOmPuTeR dOeSNT cUwSt DaT mUcH!!!!!11111one”    Where I humbly respond to your idiotic speaking skills by saying “No moron, you are right, your computer didn’t cost that much.  You don’t need to run Maya and Photoshop at the same time while playing Winamp and Morrowind as well.”



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