Nobody gives a straw wrapper about cheesy bread

Ah, the time is 10/10/04/00/42 Exciting? You bet.

Your Lord and Godly Master is home for the night. Your word of the day is Batrachoseps, and it means Slender Salamanders. I’m not joking halfwit.

I cannot wait to be back in the God Quad with the guys. Let me tell you, it’s been almost ten hours since I’ve seen my roommate, and it’s been pretty rough. The dry heaving has stopped though.

I’m thinking about cutting my hair and getting rid of my trademark ™ goatee. This will affect your lives substantially. Also, today I had lasagna, I’m sure this is very important to all of you, but I wasn’t really hungry, so it wasn’t that enjoyable. A bought a new shirt. I fixed my accordion today, so at first, I was worried, and then I was happy, and now it’s fixed, and quad, I hate all of you and your boring lives. Always being so dumb and pungent. I cannot even pretend to act on your level. I tried to be nice, I tried to be normal. It’s your fault I’m bitter. I hope you are happy.

what!!! shave the facial hair?? you wouldn’t dare!!!




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