Another Opening, Another Show

Ah, dragged into another staged event, this time I was prepicked for the job. No auditions, no preparing, hardly any rehearsal for me because I’m so fly, and a obsessive admirer. The downfalls are always hanging in there, and they include less free time, the stress of trying to memorize several pages of dialogue, oh, and the drama. How we all love the drama, especially of a college acting organization.
We are putting on the play “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” and it will be good. I am Schmendiman, the brilliant and wily inventor who will some day be as well known as names like Einstein and Elvis. Tickets are on sale right now at the Hunt Union, and are $14 each, but don’t worry, that includes a meal while you watch me rule. In fact, I think you can pay with your declining balance. So, all fellow O’staters, come on up to the Hunt Union, the play will be put on October 22nd.

Other than that, things have been pretty busy. I completely slacked off on the last few projects in my Drawing class, but I still think that she thinks I put in my best effort. I demand that you all love those introductory courses. As for the rest of my classes, I insert a hearty Meh right here. This semester will in fact be better than most, I hope at least.
Especially since it’s been cutting in on my Morrowind time.

Has anybody noticed the debates? Me neither.



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