I Miss Her Dearly

Lucky went through her surgery today, and after numerous tests, my theory was correct… the motherboard was bad. I’m simply getting it replaced with a basic motherboard, no upgrades, except this new board supports USB 2.0. There will be a slight problem with Windows XP most likely, as a new hardware address will cause Microsoft to wet themselves and suggest that a copy of their OS has been installed on more than one PC. This is no problem. A simple XP repair and a phone call to the big wigs should straighten it out. I should have my girl back tomorrow or wednesday.

Speaking of girls, man, are they a pain. Hypocritical, shallow, and superficial. Now, not all of them, but in general, and especially in groups, they simply irk me to no end. We (men) are supposed to treat them with respect, equality, and politeness. If a guy were to have any flaws, unless he is Spiderman, or a complete womanizer, he is an outcast to the opposite gender. I’m not being bitter, I’m learning to dis-concern myself with this social endeavor. A female’s hidden agenda and expectations of mind reading are simply nothing more than a flaw in their genetics. I promise you, I will have a very well organized article on this once things start to straighten out.

As for now, Lynk is out.



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