All This Red Tape

After a conflict of grand properties, I finally got Lucky back and running, and connected to the campus Internet.  I hate the campus Internet with a passion.  I am completely certain that the supervisors in charge of the campus Internet servers can and are reading everything sent through the servers, so I hope they read this nice and slow.  Bite me.

With that said and done, it’s finally Thursday, and you know what that means.  The weekend is almost here.  It’s time to relax, sleep, and stretch out.

I recently purchased Activision’s Spider-man 2, the game, for PC.  This is the one that according to most reviews has the entire New York City mapped out as one huge level.  I find this to be false.  Upon purchasing the game, I beat it within three or so hours, and felt like I didn’t have all the freedom promised.  A quick look around any outdoor level proves to you that you have immediate limitations; in the form of a building you cannot reach the top of, or an area where the map actually ends and leaves you with a shoddy jpeg cityscape.  Most levels are indoors anyways, and who wants to be inside when they are Spiderman?  As far as swinging around town, it’s fun, but not as great as it could be.  Spidey moves fairly well, although can be sometimes blocky.  The sounds are repetitive and yet, inconsistent, and the voice acting, despite the actors, is not there.  If you could rent PC games, I’d prescribe it to you, otherwise, just borrow it.

Your font is big dookie pants

~Mister Jones



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