Ah, back to college

I’m back home in the dorm at the GodQuad. Jones is back to sleeping on the floor in the common room, and Waylon lives here but far away. Perfect.

The girls across the hall are not as friendly as they were last year, but much better looking. This just goes to show you, all of the pretty ones are dumb, and all the ugly ones write poetry.

Is there really much more to write on this? I mean, it is a pretty well understood concept. If you are an “attractive girl,” and most of you who say you are, you probably dress like an idiot anyways, you really just don’t have the intellectual skills to get by in life. But who cares right? You are beautiful. Just like a sculpted dead horse is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as old people getting told what to do. But because you are beautiful, you are annoying. You are either a stupid beer drinking whore who can count your diseases on both hands but not much else, or you are a hyper loud bitch who picks a trend and constantly preaches it to anybody who doesn’t follow your MTV shit. Someone should really bring you all down a notch, and hit you upside the head and tell you you are wrong and insignificant. Nobody cares about your crappy music, your down-syndrome “I just got out of abercrombie jail” style, your lack of common sense, or your feministly-shallow behavior. Go munch on some broken glass, don’t worry, it has low carbs.

And then there are ugly girls. Ugly girls are generally smart, unless they go under the bitch category. Unfortunatly, usually they have lousy things to talk about, because they never learned how. I blame this shortcoming on the pretty girls, but still hold it against the ugly ones. All the advice I can give to ugly girls out there… Quilts, children, and your parents are not good topics to talk about. Ever. Nobody cares about any of these. You’re choice in music probably isn’t that good because all you dream of is to be that popular girl who walks in to some JaRule song or whatever the damn you listen to. Oh, and lastly, stop writing poetry. It’s retarded. Poetry is nothing more than an early version of rap/hiphop, and nobody who has any two space credits knows that rap and hiphop are worthless, uncultured, and annoying. That’s why the pretty girls love it.

So, before I submit this, let’s have a little poll. Leave me a comment, or email me, and tell me if you fall under the category of a pretty girl or an ugly girl. If you don’t understand what I’m asking, click on the comment link and write “Pretty girl” in the box and click submit. I’m curious to see what the ratio is! I’ll be posting results as soon as I feel like it.

ugly girl 🙂




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