I’ve Won an Award!

Crack open the Mountain Hollar!  I’ve won my first Award!

Evidently you minions love my rants so much that you’ve decided to sacrifice your worthless time to worship me!  Perhaps I should say thank you, but I won’t.

The Award came in the form of a comment by a live journal user tagged by the name of sexehlips.  She (or perhaps he) wrote:

Dear God, (It’s nice to see people are finally recognizing me as a deity)

Your journal is pure sex
be mine

Well thank you sexehlips.  Let me cut that out and paste it on my Coleman Cooler.  May the ceremonies begin.


And yes, my journal is pure sex.  Nothing but all-natural, 100% home grown, filtered and flash pasteurized sex.


Son, I’m still confused. What award did you win?



being mine involves being mine and only mine. and adding me back as a friend of course.





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