Not so Easy Going

This is a story about the little boy who was given so much work, he flipped, snapped, and torn down an entire college campus in an “Incredible Hulk” sort of rage. Let’s take a look at what caused this, shall we?

First, there is a six page group project research paper due in a matter of days. Naturally it wasn’t a group project, but a certain “friend” had a little in and out with the aging professor, until it was come to the agreement that instead of a small biography about a person who was important in the Islamic Culture, done by individuals, that “friend,” along with his two “homies” will be working on a much more, let me say, difficult paper, to compare and contrast the British Empire’s control over the Ottoman Empire, and compare it to America today. Thanks Dan. Just for future reference, it has long been said that nobody likes Dan. This…only strengthens that truth. To make matters worse, he has been on my, and partner Mr. Jones’s behinds to try and get us to do this on time. He and Jones were to do the research, whilst I were to look at their notes and type it all up. Incidently enough, Daniel has disapeared. Not that anyone could read his writing anyways, but nonetheless, he has ditched us to go cry to himself and call up girls to moan about how he has a tummy ache. Yes Dan, there IS a lump on your throat, and yes, it will be cancer. Now get your ass in gear and let’s see some work. Dan is the kind of guy who always complains about how much reading and work he has to do. And that he’s always doing it. “Hey boys, Sup killa,'” he’d say, “I have so much work to do, I read 300 pages last night and typed up twice as many.” Stab yourself Dan, better yet, let me do it. You are the man.

The next thing on my list is a research paper for this wonderful little class known as Valume 101. The latin term of it though, is Survey for the Visual Arts. The wonderfully drone little man who runs the show here, decided we should write a 6ish page research paper, comparing a western artifact, with an artifact that has never been heard of except by one small reference in a website forum. And he wants nine sources. And then he still wants a lengthy paper. I have every reason to write “I Don’t Care” for every time he studders and uses a big word he doesn’t understand in one class, and that should just about make up 26 pages, thus making him a very happy little man.

Speaking of this loveable, monotoned little scholar, he also assigned the class with group presentations, because sometimes, he’s just sick of doing his job, and wants to make us do it for him. We had a little spring break a few weeks ago, as I’m sure you all know, if you’ve been reading this entire journal, and I was not sure when this group project would be. He told us not to worry about it, as it won’t be due for another three or four weeks. Silly man, finals week won’t be for another three or four weeks. Are you saying that 3 group presentations will occure in a matter of one or two classes? AND we’d still have time to get material for your lousy little final? Anyways, I trusted him. Something one should never do for anyone apparently. The next class he told us it was due in a week. Evidently, two people in our group died during the major bulk of this class. They simply fell asleep forever. This sounds wicked funny, but it’s not if they had a share of the work. The next class, another group member magically flew away to the land of Foofoo Dragons and Mystical Rings. Don’t worry though, Legolas wasn’t there, because he and Froto died while being big babies. So it’s me and two others, doing the work for the presentation. Alright, that’s fine. We can do it. I get information from one group member, which I am very thankful for. The other promises to email it to me. Nothing as of yet, and it’s Saturday. I am the one who types it all up and makes a packet out of it to hand out to all the students in class.

And Art. I have two projects due soon for Digital Photography, and four for Digital Fine Print. And a printer that doesn’t work up to par.

And no time to work on them.

And nobody loves Dan.

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