Dear Nosey Journal Readers.

It is evident to me that you can’t get enough of my entries. Some of you leave a simple…SIMPLE barely coheirent comment that usually has nothing to do with the actual entry, just something to simply throw in your own little opinion. Perhaps you need to feel as if you are this important authority figure in my life. Guess again. Your opinion doesn’t initiate any change in mine. I agree, most of my entries are somewhat hostile, and fairly “angry.” More than one of you has exclaimed this to me. A few of you laugh the serious parts off, and the rest can’t take a joke when there is one to take. Go home and cry. I’ll send you all a little care package, including a travel size Puffs 15-tissue pack for those little tears. As for those of you telling me that I’m dangerously abusive, angry, unfair, and hostile, it’s your fault. All your fault. You in particular are the reason I am bitter towards humanity. I hope you are happy for yourself. So go pout, write all of your hatred towards me in your live journal, and prove yourself a better person. I’m sorry, but it looks like you lose. You acomplished absolutly less than nothing.

Stay hostile. Hostility kills people. Killed people are dead people. Dead people are less people. Less people are easily conquered people. Easily conquered people are Utopian people. The nations’ governments will be overtaken and humanity judged. All of mankind will be screened for ignorance. The earth will be purged of the useless, our planet will be cleansed. Long live the Utopian Revolution!

-Mr. Jones



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