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This evening, on Cartoon Network, during their Cartoon Fridays, a band of witty, rebellious youngsters who call themselves “Morning Wood,” will be making a rambunctious guest appearance to announce that yes, indeed, the cartoons will return after the commercials.  Rock out with your… Do I even need to say it?  Enjoy kids!

In real music news, Weird Al Yankovic’s next (and still untitled) album will be coming out September 26th.  August 15th, he’ll be releasing the cult classic Weird Al Show on DVD, and speaking of upcoming DVD’s, a chunk of Pinky and the Brain episodes will be on shelves this tuesday!  Yes!

And Cowabunga!  This excites me like that brand new video game smell!
Turtle Power!

I’m not awake! But, I keep seeing those commercials about Morningwood, realized I never actually paid attention to them, and now have no idea when they are going to be on CN. 🙁 I’ve only heard 1 song by them so they could really suck ass, but I figured if I’m here I might as well check out what they’re doing on CN.

Okay, back to bed! I got your IMs but no way in hell do I want to be awake right now haha.



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