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This little adventurer had a long day today!  I drove to Oneonta to pick up the Incredible Jennn.  She was my cohort, my ally, on this exciting mission.  We drove to Glen’s Falls to hang out with the ever-wonderful Lindsey.  The three of us spent the day together, cavorting through the mall and various shops, making with the noshery at Taco Bell, and having an amazing time.  I really wish Michael could’ve come along, but I did enjoy the car ride with Jennn.  We played some video games at Kmart, and I picked up a few used Gameboy Advance titles.  Before we knew it, it was late, and time for Jennn and I to head home.  I really enjoy hanging out with Lindsey, she is simply spectacular.  It doesn’t even matter if we have plans, it’s still just a lot of fun, and I’ve got not a sour thought of her.  I could cantillate  songs of her greatness, but would get nowhere near describing everything she is.  Might I add, I can’t think of very many other things that make me happier than video games!

Speaking of those little electronic marvels…
Being a gamer is like having two jobs.  Well, that is, if you have a job in the first place.  Gaming is it’s own career.  Right now, I’m working overtime.

I’m currently going through several games right now.  Some of them are massive, and require hundreds of hours of playtime to complete, others require 8-20 hours, and a few require a few minutes a day.  Let me give you my comprehensive list of what I’ve got stacked on my shelf, longing for my attention.

The Elder Scrolls IV; Oblivion
Guild Wars
Guild Wars Factions
Black and White 2

Prince of Persia
Sonic Gems Collection
Shadow The Hedgehog
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2; Echoes
Starfox Assault


Burnout 3
Shadows of the Colossus
Jak II

(Gameboy Advance)

Warioland 4
Warioware Twisted
Banjo-Kazooie, Grunty’s Revenge
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

(Nintendo DS)

Tetris DS
Metroid Prime Hunters
Warioware Touched

I’ve got goals.  Important ones.  This is going to be a freakin’ struggle.

Hahah Glens Falls doesn’t have punctuation 😉 :-P.

It sucks how fast time goes by when you guys are here, because those are hours that I wish lasted way longer because I have so much fun during them even if we aren’t really doing anything. Hahahha if you do cantillate songs of my greatness you must perform them w/ your accordion! I’m still amazed that I make you happier than videogames haha!

You Lynk, you rule. 😀 I definitely can’t wait until I’m back in Stoneonta.



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