Imagine All the People

Happy 6.5 Billion People Day!

Hopefully, you think about that next time you decide to procreate.

You ape descendants have gone a long way since you’ve come out of the trees. Please, don’t argue with me that you didn’t evolve from tiny, furry primates, because I’d be convinced that you are not a professional on the topic if you did. Of course, if we go with one of the popular ideals of “intelligent” design, all 6.5 people living today are all distant relatives of some dim-witted sloth of a man named Adam, and a promiscuous whore named Eve. Not a lot of us are sitting on the front porch playing the banjo, wondering why we poop, so I imagine that school of thought is about as non-fiction as a Star Wars.
While everyone reading probably won’t ever see a shortage of Earth resources, the prospect could be in our future. Not all humans have a Walmart to go to, or a Price Chopper, or any other “friendly” corporation to sell them cheap, processed food. These corporations will always be sure to feed paying customers, and supply them with whatever else they are willing to pay for, without thinking a decade into the future. What happens when the Earth cannot provide enough grain to sustain the billions who don’t buy whole grain Wonder bread. The oil wells will run dry. Your precious SUV will become worthless, and the protestors will riot and throw bricks into your favorite mall. It won’t be along before the Zombies rise and hunt for human torsos.



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