Too Much Power, Captain

Meteos came in today. Between the visuals, the musical score, the sound effects, and the addictive game play, I give it a 9.5 for the DS. Fable came in too, the PC version, of course. I installed it, checked the Interweb for patches, and my search results left me with null. I tried running the game, and it crashed instantly. Not a full system crash, just an application crash. Not a big deal, so I updated my drivers, and tried again. Same problem. Now, I’m a man who’s used to things not working quite right, but some things should be elementary by now. Come to find out, my graphics card is not on the scrolling list of compatible graphics cards. Most likely because it came out after the game. I figure I just have to wait for a patch, since this card will probably be in a lot of gaming rigs sooner or later, and Fable is, by all accounts, the most over-hyped game since Halo. I’ll be patient with this one.

If anyone out there has any answers on this, let me know.



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