Mayhaps Now isn’t a Good Time

I’ve got a new online art gallery up. You’ll find it at

Other than that, there is not much to report. The Graduation/Winter-een-mas party was amazingly spectacular, despite the fact that it was only myself, Michael, and Jennn. In a couple of days, we watched four movies, played a good many hours of video games, and had a blast. It’s a shame you weren’t invited.

I jump back into Save Alot, finally. You may have recalled my history of disdain towards the place, but I assure you, I look forward to getting back to my roots in freight and dirty, welfare-assisted customers. It sounds like it will be a fairly quiet season when it comes to new movies and games, so I should be putting 95% of all of my earned cash away in the savings account. That should help me reach my unbelievable quota this summer of $10k saved. According to the manifests, it should be possible. We’ll discuss the lack of a car later. Much later.

As always, there’s the typical nuisance here at the base. I’m dealing with that the best I can, but the beast seems to know of all my goals as I establish them. With that knowledge, it rears back on it’s hind legs and leaps directly in my way, destroying my +5 confidence enchantment. I just need a silver longblade of nagotslaying, that’s all.



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