OMGWTFTTYLROLAFAMO! Video games kill people!

Read this article.

I would say that the man in question was what us in the industry call, a lightweight. I’m sorry sir, but if you need to use an internet cafe to play your favorite MMORPG, you are hardly what I consider civilized. Oh, and you die after fifty hours of gaming? That’s about the point where I take a break to check my email and play a quick game of Tetris. I tell you, some people just aren’t strong enough to be hardcore gamers. Oh well. Darwinism at it’s finest.

Now for some discussion. Let’s see if any of you have some sort of opinion on this matter. Do violent video games make violent children? Discuss in the comments section. Don’t be shy. Heck, if you think it’s video games, tell me why, and perhaps state a situation that validates your opinion. If you don’t think it’s video games that promote children to shoot their friends, tell me what you think might cause it. This should be vaguely interesting, to say the least!



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