So Many Rules Broken

I began fleshing out an article a few days ago about how much I loathe Jesse McCartney, John Mayer, and Josh Groban. Erroneously, I decided not to rant about such problems with today’s society at that given moment. Trust me, my strong execration towards such bleak and talent less, let me say this tongue-in-cheekly, musics, is nearly as powerful as my hatred towards Hip-hop, rap, and R&B (please note that R&B does not even resemble blues in any way, shape, or form, which only makes those who enjoy it even more wrong).

Then, I decided to blame immature, punk-loving, brats on the downfall of today’s music. I went on about American culture, and how pathetic MTV is. My conclusion involved something along the lines of a statement concerning how our young children are becoming little spoiled hussies at the age of nine. It’s really a shame, but I won’t discuss it now. Believe me though, my friends, it was a good article.

Alas though, the past few days have been pretty good. I got to see, and even speak with Sir Michael Benjamin Mad Scientist, and Steve, and Aunt Sister In Law Jen. There was some girl who giggled a lot, and will remember me always as Spiderman. Mr. Jones has left us all for a nicer part of the world, where they let rainbow run around freely, and the water has been replaced by Hi-C. I said hello to Rachel Case, and she said hello back to me. My pirate wife, the landlubber, has not been seen for some time now. I was talking to Ewok quite a bit this summer as well, but that seemed to end, and a new era, called the Time of the Infinitely Stale Away Message has seemed to come to be. Basically, all you kids at Oneonta, I miss you all. Well, not all of you. I could easily make a list of those of you who don’t, but you all know who you are, and that’s all that matters. I don’t want to write anymore, I want to play Morrowind. Or maybe Beyond Good and Evil, or Doom 3. Anyways, that’s enough for now. This is Lynk, signing off.

hello pirate husband
i miss you greatly!
i hope you know that when i see you i’m giving you the biggest pirate hug you’ve ever gotten in your LIFE…then we’re going to mills and i’m buying us sandwiches.



I just puked pure glee all over the guy sitting in front of me. Oh crap, that was my drawing tablet. That’s okay, because it was glee, which isn’t any sort of disgrace to anything, not even drawing tablets. Life can go on happily for the next three hours.






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