Happy Independence Day

Everyone takes this very day for granted. If it weren’t for historical events happening years ago on this very day, life, as we know it, would be non-existent. July 4th is not about fireworks and hotdogs and playing volleyball. Today is a day to celebrate our independence, our freedom, and our way of life. Let’s bring things back a few years.

Circa 1996; it seemed like a normal day for Americans. Everyone was doing the same usual routine. You wake up, you greet the day unhappily and you go to work so that the rest of us can benefit off your trade while you get paid a fraction of what it brings in. Not a single person could see the outside picture. Like all Americans, like all humans, you take your entire life for granted, and don’t even glimpse at the big picture.

It was on that day that normal people became generous heroes. Nine years ago from today, a day after Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington DC burn in ruin, the human race fought for their independence. It is a day that will never be forgotten. Millions were lost. President Thomas J. Whitmore didn’t chuckle like a hillbilly when it happened, and he didn’t get a chubby from the fact that he’ll get his name in history books for a war. He was a real President. Bush and Kerry both would suck their thumbs and whine like spoiled children if they were to be put under the pressure Whitmore had on his shoulders. What can I say though? Whitmore is quite the Lonestar, and is quite strong with the Shwartz. Other heroes like David Levinson and Captain Steve Hiller risked their own lives to protect our freedom as well, Levinson with his quick thinking and Hiller with his strong Will. Dr. Brackish Okun spent his life processing Data to discover it would all be used to save the world.

No war has ever been as important as the one that took place July 4th, 1996. No war has ever been so catastrophic, so deadly. Most importantly though, no war has ever brought so many nations and cultures together for one single goal, and for one day, all humans lived in peace with each other, to protect and defend their shiny blue dot. No cultural walls or religious stop signs got between anybody. You see people, all of that is completely petty. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, what gender you prefer, where you are from, or why you talk like you have a mouth full of greasy ball bearings. The district, town, city, nation, and faith that you belong to is absolutely pointless to an outsider, and you should all individually understand that. On July 4th, 1996, for one day only, every human being on the planet realized this, and fought for a single goal.
Selfish Americans may wave their flags on this day, and launch explosives in the sky, forgetting that it is not only an American holiday. Sometimes, we forget that we are not alone.

Today, the human race celebrates their Independence Day.



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