‘Bout Time!

According to www.weirdal.com, Al and his band are working on a new album! I’ve got no more information than that, but go ahead and cream your pants anyways. This is bigger and more important than that Jesus guy coming back! I am… let’s just say… very excited. Oh, and I found a large sum of money in the drier today after getting yelled at all morning that I’m a lazy, no-good son. Karma? No thanks, hippie.

EDIT: Oh, Great Zarknoff! Smash Mouth is releasing a new album this summer too! Did you know Smash Mouth is the only good band that consists of a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and keyboardist in the entire world? All the rest just suck, and don’t even get me started on bands with more than one guitarist!

The Beatles had more than one guitarist… I’ll kill you.




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