Would the Owner of a Level 23 Pikachu…

I was inspecting the view outside my window, much like I always do, and spotted a very rare sighting. A wild Pikachu! It was hiding, disguised as a yellow VW. Fortunately, I knew exactly what to do. Pikachu uses electric based attacks, so it was elementary to use my level 14 Geodude on it. It tried using Thunder Shock, but Geodude easily countered it with Skull Bash. I threw my Pokeball, and captured the little guy.

So if you happened to be the owner of this Pikachu, before I caught it, I apologize. I think it’s much happier now though. I’ll be taking it to the Gym Master in Saphron City next week, along with my Staru and Mewtwo.


LMFAO You’re a psyco, Lynk. Thats awesome!….

whats even wrose is I still remember all the evil pokemon crap T_T





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