What’s Yours?

Everybody has a reason. Hello children. Let me tidy myself up, and sit down to say something serious. Come, sit on Uncle Lynk’s lap. No? Alright. Grab a mat and sit on the floor. Lynk has something to tell you.

We’ve had a lot of fun here at In Between the Lynk, and, sometimes, that fun is produced by making others feel bad. That’s okay. Remember that children. It’s okay to make fun of other people for who they are. I mean, if we didn’t, they would keep being their crazy, mixed-up selves, and the world would never get better. Back on subject now please. No Timmy, you can’t go to the bathroom. I’m… I’m almost done here. Alright, fine.

No James, you can’t go with him.

Alright, all set Timmy? Did you wash your hands? Good. Now where was I?

Oh right. You see kids, there will be people. People that you will meet. They will try and make you do the same dumb things they do, because they don’t want to feel so dumb. Drugs children. Drugs are bad. You think they make your friends like you more, but they don’t. You say they make you see great things and think great thoughts, but you are just as stupid as you were before you took them. They say they loosen you up, and provide you with a reality escape, but you are just an idiot who believes you are a deep thinking individual who has some special gift but it only comes out when you cover your dimwitted brain with chemicals and base solutions. Kids, you all need an Anti-drug. It’s time we prevent this from happening. You don’t want it to happen to your friends, your family, your children. We need to stop this now. After years of constant research, I have developed a new activity that will stop drug use.

I have a few people in mind that we can start with.





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