Trading Card, First Series

Lynk is the most important character of this story. He’s the protagonist. He’s known for his Hawaiian shirt, soap shoes and barret. His powers are extraordinary. Dedicated to fight for his own causes; Lynk has many enemies. Unlucky for them, he has nothing to worry about.
Strengths: Incredible thumb-eye coordination, Luck, Fantastic mental capabilities, The mighty power to rock an accordion.
Weaknesses: Punk rock, Stupidity, The undeniable earge to tamper with high precision electronics, Girls in robotic suits.
Special Skills: Quick Comeback, God of the Accordion, Receiver of the Golden 1-up reward for lifelong hardcore gaming expertise, Indefinite power and capabilities, Hero’s charm.
Weapons: Peace-keeping fists of fury, Headbutt of justice, Logic, The inability to care, Accordion, Mayo Spreader.
Backstory: Lynk was casted as an immortal hero when a scheduled occurrence in the Universe pulled him to an ancient temple planet older than the Universe itself. Forever to be the Universal protector, for now, he does things his way. It doesn’t matter who is wrong or who is right.



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