Mystery of the Missing Quadmates

I went to Norwich for the weekend, claiming I wasn’t feeling well.  I suppose I really was not feeling well, but it wasn’t debilitating or anything like that.  The meal at the Neptune Diner was extraordinarily delightful.  You would think I would have tried the seafood at a place called the Neptune Diner.
Let’s not get too far into details.  I went home.  I played my Nintendo 64.  Pilot Wings 64 and Banjo-Tooie.
Now I’m back.
And now I present you with the puzzle.

Silent Mike has been missing since Friday afternoon, when he said he was leaving to go see his “Uncle Steve,” if such a man exists.  I think either no man exists, or it was a trench coat wearing pedophile with candy in all of his pockets.
Rybo is hiding.
Mr. Jones is MIA, but the rumor is that he is home.  Another possible situation is he simply disappeared forever.

If you know any of the whereabouts of the other God Quad members, please contact me.  A hotline will be set up soon.



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