Oh, so much Hostility

You might think I am a pretty bitter person, with all these negative articles. “Hater,” “Grump,” or “Jerk;” use whatever terminology you want, it may seem, especially to those who do not know me, that I am an angry person. This…is true.

But not completely true. I am not a naturally angry person. I just dislike ignorance. I loathe stupidity. Everyone has something that they simply hate, something that angers them at just the thought that it exists, and stupidity is my major qualm with the world. Now who is to judge what is considered stupid and what is not? Well, it is basically a no-brainer. Ha! I made a funny!

First, allow me to describe stupidity. The definition of Stupidity is the following; a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience. Other definitions are a stupid remark, act, or idea, and the quality or condition of being stupid. I think that sums it up on it’s own. Let me help you understand. You lack purpose when you are stupid. Sure, it might be fun to fake stupidity for a while, but when you simply can’t help it, there is something wrong. The other case is when you are purposely stupid constantly. I wish I had a meter that would measure a person’s imbecility on a scale of 1-20. Then I could decide if this person is worth talking to or not. Another sign of stupidity is drinking. The need to kill braincells to be social is a complete mockery of what human evolution has been working on for the past million years. Let me just say, if you drink at least once a week, or get drunk more than once any given month, you are completely worthless to the human race. That leaves… huh? Nobody. Oh darn. Alright, in fear that I might just start rambling, I am going to take a nap. Yes, it’s 1:30 AM, and yes, I’m in the computer art lab. Goodnight.

Hey Lynk your journal is great. I love you poem and the way you defy your own laws. I feel your pain, in regards to stupid ignorant people, but look at it a different way: the more stupid, ignorant, people in the world the less competition, you should be able to rule all of them in no time and without breaking a mental sweat. By being stupid they make others smarter, it’s all a question of comparison. If the world was full of complex geniuses then the coin would be flipped, so really by being stupid people are doing you a favor. OK, so… are you going to be in our band? ; ). I see that you appreciate Douglas Adam, excellent taste! Keep wearing you beret and playing your accordion. Ciao.




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