Welcome, salutations, and hello.
Is it really that exciting to be reading the first post of this journal? If you said yes, you are right. If you replied with no, and giggled internally to yourself to improve your lack of real judgments, then leave. If you think you might get some sort of answer to the meaning of all that has followed, you are out of luck. Expecting the most outrageous and uncensored post in the whole freakin’ journal? I cannot promise that either, in fact, I’m telling you right now; there are better posts to read.
If you question the content at this point, you should reevaluate your standing in society. There will be serious reviews, peer reviewed articles, plenty of satire, long entries, short entries, a plethora of my own images, rationalized yet hostile arguments of why the world is failing as a system, and most importantly, scores upon oodles upon piles upon gobs of random yet extremely intellectual stochastic discussion. Oh, and maybe some song lyrics.
But never poetry. Under no circumstance will you see poetry on this journal. And no, song lyrics are not poems. You can tell your lousy boyfriend, who turns your dribble into songs on his lousy guitar, that I said it’s not a song. He’ll unquestionably agree.
I suppose that is the sort of out bursting rant that will be consistent within these pages. Get used to it, and everything will be just fine.

When you do things right, people aren’t sure if you’ve really done anything at all.
Prepare to configure yourselves to my whims.



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