Date of the Damned

Well, since my posts have been getting less and less frequent, allow me to remind you what’s been going on.
I’ve been working much more at save alot, and missing the God Quad and the rest of my fellowship at college. And the freshmen girls we are planning to adopt…

Last night was not a good one.
Here’s the scoop.

One of the cashiers at work came up to me the other day, and asked for my phone number. Whatever, I gave it to her.

She called me twice that night.
The second time she called, she knew I was probably going to be just leaving to go to the movies with a certain friend, which sucked just as bad.
But that’s going to be saved for another time.

Anyways, so yesterday we made plans to hang out. She invited me to her house. It was thirty minutes away in the woods in a farm. Unfortunatly, her directions sucked, and it took me an hour and a half to get to her house. I get there, and am forced to sit between her and her freaky redneck sister, and infront of her mother. Her father was in bed when I met him. Now, this may seem like some sort of plot for a porno, but let’s get out of the back of West Coast Video and get back to my story.
So she made me some warm Kool-Aid, and we sat, and her mom probed me with questions. Stupid questions, like, where exactly do I live, maiden names, and were very confused when I explained what a computer artist does. Then she continued to talk to me about Quilts and how she doesn’t think unrealistic images are art, even though her Quilts weren’t photorealistic. After listening to her sister argue with everyone, the mother tried to convince me how her daughter can dance very well. Creepy.
After about an hour and a half of being served and fried by crazy people, I finally got to drive home. I almost hit a cat, and I was very disapointed that I missed.

So today she called me, and wanted to hang out. I made something up. Tommorrow she wants to hang out after work. I hate needy people. Give it a rest, settle down, and chill.

Wow, aren’t there any NORMAL people out there who aren’t as shallow as a CD case?



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