Good Morning

I hate this place.

This morning, I was woken up by my mom stomping around infront of my door muttering to herself how lazy I am and how I am sleeping in the same pants I wore yesterday, which was not true, I changed last night. And then she started dragging my Gamecube around on the floor, because it’s been three days since she vacummed the area underneith the gamecube, and since it’s 10 am, it’s the perfect time to turn on the Vacumm and wake me up. I came out and asked her what the hell she was doing, and made her stop swinging the controllers around and she started in with her screaming and name calling and got in my face and screamed and yelled and spat and thew her retarded little fit at me. Last night she threatened me again, this time saying she was going to shove her fist through my face. She borrowed twenty bucks from me. Dad was the one who returned it. I am no longer able to take a shower in peace, as every five minutes she pounds on the door telling me it’s been a half hour. Every single day she stashes random things that were on top of my desk in a drawer or a cabinet or some other disclosed location, and forgets that she put them there. She cannot leave my things alone. She’s always fucking up something. I’m not allowed to listen to music ever. At night I usually like to keep my stereo on with some ambient music going. It relaxes me, I sleep better, and it helps me relieve all the shit storm stress I get while everyone in this house is awake. I can’t now. She can have some shitty inflatable piece of pop culture on the lawn nearly all year long, run fountains that nobody can hear, and light up porch decoration shit on all the time, but I can’t listen to music at night. Nor really can I during the day, as she storms in from the hell whence she came to tell me that the neighbors don’t want to hear it, even though they can’t, and if they could, they are too old to hear anyways. The neighbors bitch all the time about our wood stove and how the smoke affects their asphma, so what’s wrong if they have something else to bitch about? I have to get a second job just to get out of this place. At this point, I don’t even care what it is, I just want to leave. If anyone has a place for me to stay, let me know.

Well, here she comes to vomit more of her commands at me.

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Well Link head you still haven’t changed I see. You’re still prancing around like a little girl whining about all the thigns you don’t have in the world. You want hardships?! Look around adn that small little town you’re in. The truth is you’ve never had to go without anything! And you never will! Oh big deal you can’t listen your music! You don’t have the computer that you think you need. I’m running a crappy $500 compaq right now with two speakers. You’re just a child! A whining self-centered spoiled little brat only demanding attention that he doesn’t deserve. And I’ll tell you link head you don’t deserve anything but a good swift kick in the ass. I’m quite sure that’d wake you up!
Come live with me in poverty. Come live with me where you can’t complain. Come live with me where we wonder about eating not buying computers. Come see poor. Come see work. I’ve worked more in one day than you have in your entire life! And it was grueling hard labor that I had to do at an early age or live on the street and go without food! You’ve never seen that and never will. But you should. You should come see the poor America Where we sweat and work under the oppression of asses like yourself who ride their parent’s wealth to power!
The day you see true work. The day you see true hardship. The day you have to sweat and hurt and suffer in pain for your food then you’ll stop complaining.
Just grow up don’t you think it’s time. Your mother doesn’t deserve someone like you and if I were her I’d throw you out on the street with your attitude!
Get over it you have nothign to complain about in this world meet someone who does there’s billions of people who have it worse than I do talk with them suffer with them and learn.


Based on your pathetic complaints, I really doubt you know what hardship is. The worst you have is a nagging mom? Big deal. Tell me, have you ever run out of food at your house, watching as your cupboards get emptier and emptier? Apparently not since you whine if you don’t get a perfect meal every night. Have you ever had to pack up your life and move away from everything you ever knew? Doesn’t sound like that ever happened either. It looks like your only “trouble” is you have a mom that gets on your nerves sometimes. Sure, it sounds like she’s said some stupid things, but it sounds like you’re such a spoiled brat if something doesn’t go your way you cry about it. There are probably tons of people who would trade their actually tough lives for your spoiled one.

And think about this. Think about what other people reading your petty little complaints think. No clue what I’m talking about? Of course not you sheltered brat. Let me give you a little story. A friend of mine told me of their troubles, REAL troubles, and what those troubles resulted, or almost resulted in. After learning about that, it has haunted me. It was the past and isn’t too much of a worry now, but it still haunts me. I have woken up several times now, in the middle of the night, clutching a tear-soaked pillow and all but crying out in fear and pain at my nightmares. Think about what you’re doing to your friends reading this and get over your so called “hardships.”

If I seem nagging or scolding, or just outright rude, I apologize- a little. It seems you need it. I’m sure you’re a fine person but wake up and realize that you have it easy. I hope you learn to be content with what you have.




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