New Computer for a Good Cause

I downloaded the demo of Farcry, the new what looks to be standard for first person shooters on the PC.  Unfortunatly, the game runs the not quite at 30 frames per second.  In fact, it’s just a tad bit choppy during some parts with video options set to high.  This poses a problem.  Lucky, my computer, is no longer strong enough to handle what I put through it.  The old girl needs to be put down, and perhaps turned into a render farm or a jukebox.  To do this, I first need a new PC.  And you, my friends, should help me.  Hmm, since there is a whole two of you who actually read my live journal, this should work out really well.

I need to raise about Five Thousand Dollars.  That’s about five million or so pennies.  I was thinking if one person where to donate just one penny, I could have my new PC and the world would be so much happier.  But, unfortunatly, there aren’t five million of you.  There are two or three.  Two or three pennies will not buy me my Alienware Area-51 Intel machine powered by a 650 watt power supply running a Intel Processor at 3.4GHz with 3 whopping Level Cache’s, 2 gigs of dual channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 256 MB DDR3 video card, a total of 500 Gigs (half a Terrabyte) of harddrive space, a 7.1 Dolby Surround sound card with the proper amount of speakers (6) , a Combo drive and DVD burner, an external harddrive with 200 gigs, a 30 gig Creative Nomad MP3 player, a set of $70 surround sound headphones, a 19 inch CRT monitor, and the keyboard and mouse and other tiny accessories.

People, I need your money.  We, together, need to raise $6,508, plus tax, but I’ll graciously worry about the tax.  Oh, and shipping.

Your best bet is to gather all of your friends, and work, save, fundraise, steal, and sell your souls, and when you are all done and have aquired a few $K, go to this website

and send it to me.  It’s the best way.  Trust me.  It will benefit all of you.

If you don’t, you are a cheapskate, and will forever be tainted by the mark of a disloyal follower of Viewtiful Lynk.  And don’t you dare leave a comment stating your excuse to why you haven’t funded enough money yet.

On a lighter note, the winner will receive, I dunno, something.  Maybe they can look at my computer when it ships.  Or maybe they can um…borrow Lucky.



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