I hate Walmart

Hey hey, good news! It seems that good old Save Alot cannot fit me into their schedule just yet. That means I’m home for another week! How wonderful. Stuck here with two non-working parents who’d much prefer spend their time harassing me about everything. And I have no income. Groovey.

So, if you want to hang out with me, I expect you to try and call. I’m sure the phone lines will be booked, so make sure to call a few hours in advance.

Oh, and if any of you are still keeping track of this, what do you think… I need another 120 gigs of harddrive space.

Should I…
a) scrap my DVD and CD rom drive and replace it with a combo drive, thus making space for another internal harddrive

b) chuck my 60 gigger and replace it with a bigger drive

c) Get an external.

A and C cost the same to do. What I really need is a One Terrabyte Ram Drive. And a new Duel Processor, each running at about 3.06 megahertz. And another 512m of Ram. Gotta keep up with the times.



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