Alright, it’s been a while. Actually, I wrote an entry a few days ago, but for whatever reason it didn’t get submited. It was about how much I hate Halle Berry and how much Catwoman is going to suck. Let me fill you in on a few things.

I’m home now. Sounds exciting huh? Evidently I’m not welcome here, as every single thing I brought back from college has been sifted through and bastardized by my mother. I’ve been home two days, and I’m fully sick of her shit. Marching around the house as if she had an army of hatrid to command. Friend of the God Quad Sara was kind enough to turn my head into a giant Zen Garden. It was wonderful. Unfortunatly, my parents wouldn’t let me leave the house until I combed it out. Just doing so made this already humid house hotter than the devil’s rectum. I was thinking about cutting my hair, but now that my parents are demanding it of me, maybe I should just keep growing it out. Why are trivial things so important to them. “They won’t hire you back at save alot, all the kids there have nice haircuts” I walked in, and was told that I should keep it that way when I work, by my manager. Also, my trademark van that I drove has been sold. Fine. It wasn’t really mine, but it was the one I was known for. It was replaced by a nice new Ford Focus. Unfortunatly, now, I’m evidently vehical-less, since the new car is my mom’s and the newer van that we didn’t sell is still not the one I can use. So now I need to ask which vehical I can take before I go anyplace. My bag of computer stuff, including CDs, Drivers, CD keys, cords, cables and cartridges is not allowd to be seen in the room that my computer is in. Music is not to be played if anyone else is within that side of the house. The decent food that Wilsbach supplied me with is no more. Now it’s prepackaged crap with extra gravy. No more real fruit and vegitables. Two kinds of potatoes for every meal. Oh, but if I don’t like it, I can move out. Today, I was told by my mom that she brought me into the world, and she can take me out. She must stay up all night writting her material.

Well, I have no ambition to create, write music, or work on my art. You want to know why? I have a Nazi General showing up at the computer room door every few minutes to add some more stress on my shoulders. I’m too pissed off to do anything. And I trust nobody will call to hang out or get me out of this place. You all have fun now. I need to go play hide and seek with all of the things that were once on my desk, since they were all stashed away randomly.

Oh, it’s a day late, but Happy Birthday, to the greatest person in the world 🙂



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