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So in just one more sleep, I will be on my way back to college. It has been a long week. Let’s recite what has happened so far: One event of significance, the God Quad minus Rybo plus Steve spent the night on tuesday. Great times were had by all. The little twerp of a brother continuously giggled like a dehydrated jackal over the phone talking to his girlfriend. Lousy little scamp. The parents, in particular the mother, made the week extra difficult. But what matters now. I’m going back.

These next few weeks will go by fast. There is much to be done. Sure, there is all the trivial stuff, such as a research paper or two, a slew of art projects, and figuring out my senior year, but I’m talking about other things. Self upgrading. It seems I need to level up if I am to continue.

So it’s time to start studying the works of Christopher Hart. I need to work on some more character sketches, both hand drawn and digital. That should keep me busy. I have some um, relationship investigating I must do. Mostly spying and stalking sort of stuff. Nothing I’m not used to. At least this time I won’t be looking through anyone’s garbage. Finally, I need to get ahold of a guitarist and get into the recording studio. Just in case I don’t get the Dreamworks internship, I need to have many many backup plans.

Spring is here, and the world I live in (minus the home life) is being reborn. I refuse to stick around while everything else is getting a revamp.

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